How and why automation improves the security of network devices

NS Recent data breaches on T-Mobile, allegedly promoted by an attacker Accessing an unprotected router and entering the network from there could have been prevented using network automation. IDS, IPS, SASE and other new technologies are gaining more and more attention, but automation is important for the security of modern networks. Let’s see how automation […]

The changing landscape of trust in network security

This year has brought about monumental changes in the cybersecurity landscape. From the impact of remote and ultimately hybrid working to some of the most prolific and disruptive attacks that have touched almost every industry, from the public sector to supply chains, manufacturers and healthcare. There has been a noticeable shift in the way companies […]

What is operational technology, the new target of network security obligations?

Over the past two decades, the focus has been on information security to protect data. This priority remains important. What is operational technology? While information technology covers your email, relational databases, documents, and other data applications, operational technology performs non-data functions. Some companies don’t have a lot of non-data functions. Banks and insurance companies, for […]

The Network Security and Cloud Security Market Will Be Notable Witness

This network security and cloud security market research then explains crucial elements to key stakeholders including socio-economic trends, potential producers, changing customer tastes, new technological developments and competitors. growing, as well as the addressable market forecast for the years 2021-2027. It also provides a solid foundation for dealing with a variety of big changes in […]

4 network security challenges to watch out for – IT News Africa

From travelers The growing reliance on hybrid IT infrastructures that support cloud-based applications and a largely remote workforce creates security and network performance challenges for many businesses. According to research from a recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) white paper, 85% of organizations believe network security is more difficult today than it was two years ago. […]

Operational technology: new target for network security obligations | Womble bond dickinson

Even if the working technology is properly isolated and hackers cannot access other business systems, simple security procedures should be in place. There is no network security without physical security – physical access to any machine creates opportunities for hacking. So while network security can prevent hackers from reaching halfway around the world, physical security […]

NIST Updates Network Security Obligations

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 Over the past two decades, the focus has been on information security to protect data. This priority remains important. But the change of administration and the Continental Pipeline incident shifted attention to operational technology and functional resilience. Protecting data is important, but ensuring that the business continues to operate is vital. […]

New research sheds light on today’s biggest network security challenges

Barracuda’s new report highlights the biggest threats Australian employees face in the modern workplace. Barracuda released the main findings of a report titled The state of network security in 2021. Commissioned by Barracuda, the research interviewed 750 global and Australian IT decision makers responsible for networking, public cloud and security in their organizations to get […]

Network Security Market | Market size, share and growth

Computer futurists have long predicted the eventual demise of the so-called perimeter, but the truth is that physical networks – and the solutions to secure them – are far from their last days. And while the cloud has heralded the arrival of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software-defined networks (SDN), ultimately these services are […]

Arqit partners with quantum company Arqit on network security p

September 17, 2021 | Alan Burkitt-Gray Quantum satellite start-up Arqit has signed an agreement with Juniper Networks to explore network security technology. The move comes just two weeks after UK-based Arqit – now officially Arqit Quantum – raised funds through a reverse takeover that valued it at $ 1.4 billion. The companies said they would […]