Network devices

How to access files on network devices using SMBv1 in Windows 10

Server Message Block (SMB) is a network file sharing protocol included in Windows 10 that allows reading and writing files and making other service requests on network devices. Usually, you’ll use SMB to connect to devices that aren’t running Windows, such as a router with file sharing capabilities, network attached storage (NAS), or other computers […]

Network switch

4 Tips for Planning a K-12 Network Switch Upgrade

As K-12 school districts strive to expand and modernize their networks, administrators must meet the ever-changing demands for connectivity, gigabit class Wi-Fi, and traffic flow. always growing. Driven by these increasing traffic demands and technological advances, new network switches offer advantages in both capacity and utility. Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and many […]

Network devices

FirstNet takes mainnet, devices and apps for a test at Boston Marathon – GCN

FirstNet uses core network, devices and apps for Boston Marathon test By Susan Miller May 02, 2018 During this year’s Boston Marathon, fire, police and incident response teams from Boston and Brookline, Mass., Tested various devices and applications connected to FirstNet’s dedicated core network. FirstNet, the national public safety broadband network, announced the availability of […]