Network design

How to design a LAN

Editor’s note: If your client wants you to design a LAN, there are many tasks to accomplish – working through a network hierarchy that extends from the access layer to the core, determining which subnet mask to use, and , in general, learn the customer’s network. conditions. This network design checklist provides guidance on […]

Network devices

CableLabs unveils Micronets, which use AI to manage network devices

CableLabs unveiled Micronets, which use enterprise technology and artificial intelligence to provide better management of devices and networks for homes. By leveraging enterprise-style network segmentation and AI for on-premises networks, Micronets can provide better security and management for consumers, who are often confused by network management tasks. “CableLabs Micronets delivers a streamlined user experience with […]

Network devices

Using third-party network devices or solutions on Office 365 traffic

Recently, Microsoft issued a support advisory warning against the use of third-party security products with Microsoft products. What is happening here? According to the Microsoft bulletin reproduced below, the use of any third-party security product is prohibited. Microsoft’s security is so good that there’s no need for third-party security products anyway, is their point. Savvy […]

Network devices

New Ethernet and peripheral networking hardware for critical network devices

Summary of the press release: The IOLAN SCG Modular Console Server provides up to four secure remote access points to critical network devices. It supports both RS232 RJ45 and Usb connectivity, has advanced network security, authentication schemes and standard data encryption tools. Original press release: Perle launches modular console servers for in-band and out-of-band management […]