Network security

Network security requires the collaboration of carriers, providers and government

Huawei Network Security Panel Emphasized Equipment Verification, Operation Transparency, and Global Standards In what appeared to be a direct response to continued US suspicion of Huawei Technologies and its potential threat to US network security, the Chinese equipment vendor sponsored a seminar at the annual convention. from this year’s Competitive Carriers Association, calling for global […]

Network security

An Introduction to IoT Network Security

Illustration: © IoT for all An automated light switch, a climate control system in an office building, or a digital sign found in a school cafeteria, all of these have one thing in common, they can make a network vulnerable once connected to the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a growing attack surface […]

Network switch

‘It sucks’: students criticize UMD’s WiFi network switch

Yeriel Sare is no fan of “eduroam,” the University of Maryland’s new favorite wireless network. “It sucks. It sucks in Stamp. It sucks in the library. It’s just terrible,” said the sophomore computer engineering student. In early July, the Information Technology Division announced that the old “umd-secure” WiFi would be replaced by “eduroam” as the […]