Network devices

Rising number of obsolete network devices poses a cybersecurity risk

As part of digital transformation strategies, leading organizations are already using networks to enable new business models such as the Internet of Things (IoT) or optimize existing operating models such as asset tracking. Alternatively, companies can invest in technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), as part of their digital transformation initiatives to reduce costs […]

Network devices

Businesses face cybersecurity risk due to the increase in the number of obsolete network devices

Cloud investments exceed companies’ on-premise infrastructure spending as companies move their applications to multi-cloud environments. This is according to NTT Ltd’s 2020 Global Network Insights report, which indicates that this has slowed down refresh and upgrade patterns, with many companies choosing to continue to leverage network assets and slow investment in the network. re-architecture of […]

Network switch

NBN misled customers in Canberra about network change

NBN Co has admitted to misleading some Canberra customers about the switch to the national broadband network, with the company reimbursing them after being attacked by the competition regulator. The government wholesale broadband provider admitted to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on Tuesday that it had misled more than 20,000 customers in Canberra, using […]

Network security

9 Experts on the Best Home Network Security Options

Industry Experts Answer: What is your recommendation for customers looking for the best security solution for their home network? For a highly secure home network solution, we turn to an enterprise solution, Cisco Meraki. The Cisco Meraki Router/Firewall is constantly updated with the latest software patches and security features. For additional protection, you can also […]