Network design

How to Build a Resilient Network Design

Resilience is defined as the ability to recover quickly from a setback or other adversity – literally, the ability to bounce back. So with computer networks, how do we conceive of resilience in the environment? This article discusses four factors to consider when considering network resiliency, as well as how businesses can build redundancy into […]

Network switch

MSP Best Practices: Maintenance Checklist for Network Switches and Routers

Provided by TechRepublic Premium Posted October 8, 2020 Topic TechRepublic Premium Format Other Download Managed Service Providers (MSPs) often prioritize the correct configuration and implementation of customer network switches and firewalls. However, regularly reviewing and updating these components is an equally important responsibility. It is important to ensure that customers understand the need to regularly […]

Network switch

What is a network switch and how does it work?

Today, networks are essential to support businesses, provide communication, provide entertainment – the list goes on. A fundamental element that networks have in common is the network switch, which allows devices to be connected for the purpose of sharing resources. What is a network switch? A network switch is a device that operates at the […]

Network security

How to Master E2E Network Security When Introducing 5G Core

It is becoming clear that 5G will enable many new use cases, including those that will make the critical role of mobile networks even more apparent. Service providers are increasingly asked to provide evidence of how security and privacy are managed in their networks to gain acceptance and trust. 5G networks will serve as the […]