Network security

5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Home Network Security

Smart devices and the Internet of Things are hot topics these days. With most of us using sophisticated computers, smartphones and other connected devices on a regular basis in aspects of our personal and professional lives, it is clear that we have entered the glorious technological future depicted in early science fiction. 20th century (or […]

Network switch

RIT researchers create programmable network switch to improve IP search time

A team of IT researchers from RIT has created a new programmable switch that dramatically reduces search time, helping to improve router performance by over 100%. The team developed the switch with a new, longest prefix matching algorithm they named CuVPP. The algorithm uses packet batch processing and cache locality for both instructions and data, […]

Network security

The 9 Best Network Security Courses and Trainings on Coursera

Solutions Review lists the best network security courses and training any network engineer or architect can take on Coursera right now. Are you a network engineer or architect looking to learn new network security knowledge or hone your skills? Want to get certified in network security but don’t know how to prepare for the exams? […]