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APOLAN defines the future of wireless network design with

NEW YORK, August 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN), the non-profit organization that advocates for the education and global adoption of passive optical local area networks (POL), today announced the benefits of POL to optimize and support the evolution of wireless network design. With the evolution of wireless networks, […]

Network security

Digital Attacks Fuel Need For Network Security Experts | News from the FIU

Cyber ​​attacks are increasing in all categories of the digital sphere and are likely to become more frequent and more damaging, says Alexander Perez-Pons, associate professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. With high profile attacks on network management company SolarWinds; the colonial pipeline; JBS meat processing company; and software company Kaseya, the […]

Network security

Don’t leave security to the network

The corporate network security model as we know it has no future. Networks are now under continual attack and traditional security models are proving untenable. The recent high-profile ransomware attacks against Colonial Pipeline, the Irish healthcare system, Kaseya and train ticket machine operators in Northern Europe are just the tip of a gigantic iceberg. According […]

Network security

3 tests to ensure the security of the Zero Trust network

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the challenges of ensuring security on an expanding corporate network forced to support more and more remote workers, an ever-increasing diversity of devices and frequent mobility. Praveen Jain, founder and CEO of cloud-based networking startup WiteSand, spoke with ESecurity planet on the challenges of maximizing safety in today’s environment, the […]

Network security

Use SIEM in the fight against network security

A firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), and endpoint protection software are security weapons that almost every organization has in its arsenal to defend against cybercriminals. But when it comes to pulling out the big guns to help protect the network and the enterprise data assets stored on it, an increasing number of organizations of all […]

Network security

How is C Spire addressing the growing need for network security in rural broadband deployments?

C Spire’s Chief Information Security Officer: “Security needs to know where the business is going” For a long time, increasing network availability and speed dominated rural broadband conversation; these aspects continue to be part of the ongoing debate around the pending $ 1,000 billion infrastructure bill. However, as Terry Young, 5G product marketing director and […]

Network security

Nokia addresses network security as part of its 5G

Press release Nokia addresses notnetwork ssecurity as part of its 5G vscertificate program Critical networks supported by 5G require comprehensive end-to-end security solutions New course addresses challenges faced by all industries, governments and individuals in securing 5G systems August 19, 2021 Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced a new professional-level 5G course and certification for […]

Network security

Amazon Sidewalk Highlights Risks of Consumer Services to Network Security Visibility

New research from security firm Cato Networks has highlighted the potential security risks associated with using the Amazon sidewalk and other consumer services that connect to corporate networks due to a lack of visibility. Research has also uncovered a new use of Houdini malware to spoof devices and exfiltrate data in the user agent domain, […]

Network security

Three post-COVID investments for enhanced security of public sector networks

The $ 350 billion in aid to state and local governments in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) was a desperately needed measure to bolster public finances that had been decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis that followed. On the heels of two previous multi-billion dollar rounds of federal aid, government agencies […]

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How to fix the Network Security Key Mismatch error on Windows 11

A wireless connection is a blessing, but sometimes you may encounter errors while connecting to one. This tutorial will deal with one such error and show you how to fix the Network Security Key Mismatch error on Windows 11 computers. This problem can be easily fixed, and you can try to fix the problem in […]

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Openreach announces 86 new copper network outage locations

BT’s broadband delivery division Openreach’s program to upgrade the UK’s old analogue telephone network (PSTN) to new digital products and services continues at a steady pace, with the announces 86 more exchange locations across the UK, covering around 500,000 premises, added to its program. Openreach proposes that by December 2025, the PSTN will have reached […]

Network security

How to think about network security after COVID

Among the many cultural buzzwords coined during the COVID-19 pandemic, the term “Zoom bombing” is perhaps the most memorable. In early 2020, celebrities like Kristen Bell and Conan O’Brien popularized the practice of surprising online video conference attendees by joining their meetings out of the blue. As charming as it may be, not all Zoom […]

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Network security in the era of the return to work

Many organizations and employees are returning to the office after nearly 18 months of working remotely. Restructuring daily routines and getting together with co-workers are exciting parts of the return-to-work era. However, there are more safety protocols to consider than just hand sanitizer and masks. When employees return to the office, devices reconnect to networks […]