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AirEye Raises $ 8 Million Series A To Extend Network Security In Unprotected Digital Airspace

TEL-AVIV, Israel, April 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – AirEye, the leader in Networked Airspace Protection (NAP), today announced that it has $ 8 million in a Series A funding round led by US Venture Partners (USVP). Steve krausz, General Partner at USVP, has joined the company’s board of directors. Canaan Partners also participated in the round.

“AirEye addresses the largest unprotected and therefore vulnerable network environment – corporate digital airspace,” said Chlomo Touboul, CEO and co-founder of AirEye. “The company has done extensive research on vulnerabilities and attacks and coined the term rental antenna.MT to describe the devices that attackers can remotely take to compromise the corporate network. Vulnerable wireless devices work like a rental antennaMT outside the network which therefore cannot be adequately protected by today’s IoT security solutions. Attackers exploit antenna for rentalMT to gain unauthorized access to the corporate network, hijack a corporate device, or cause a data breach.MT are close to a typical organization.

A 2019 survey found that 72% of corporate data breaches were from unsecured wireless devices. Modern malware like Emotet already integrates wireless abilities spread through disparate networks. These digital airborne attacks bypass all network security solutions such as network firewalls, NAC or DLP solutions. The increase in such attacks is a consequence of the prevalence of wireless devices within the perimeter of corporate airspace.

“There is no doubt that the world is adopting more and more wireless devices. Solving the growing vulnerability to attacks from airspace is an extremely complex problem. It requires both cybersecurity and RF transmission expertise. These technical disciplines are rarely found in one team. At AirEye, co-founders with decades of cybersecurity expertise, we’ve joined forces with experienced wireless experts to create a unique company for one of today’s rapidly growing security threats. USVP is delighted to join the AirEye team as the pioneer of the first comprehensive solution for networked airspace protection, ”said Steve krausz, partner at USVP.

The company already has facilities with corporate clients in Israel, Europe and Japan. “As one of the largest medical facilities in the Middle East, the airspace of the corporate network is of great concern to us, ”said Zafrir Argov, CIO at Hadassah University Medical Center. “We have thousands of business and medical devices that work wirelessly. On top of that, we have hundreds of thousands of visitors browsing our campuses. It is essential to ensure that our devices do not mistakenly connect to open public networks or malicious wireless networks. AirEye allows us to apply our wireless security policy. The platform provides us with the necessary security and visibility required by compliance. Plus, I feel secure knowing that the platform detects and prevents airborne network attacks in real time. Implementing the first step, “Zafrir added,” It was a quick and easy process – we didn’t even need additional IT or cybersecurity resources. It was essential, especially at times like the COVID-19 pandemic. “

Making the analogy with the eve of the First World War, the Allies did not imagine the sky above them as a theater of war. Yet since then the heavens have dominated the modern battlefield. The same goes for cybersecurity with the explosion of uncontrolled wireless devices within the perimeter of airspace opening up a new environment rich in targets for attackers. Likewise, prior to AirEye, corporate security teams weren’t prepared to repel attackers from the sky. “AirEye is the first and only complete solution to this new attack vector. Businesses need to prepare for the unknown and the unexpected, which now includes digital airborne attacks. Security teams are often defeated when they suffer from a lack of imagination, ”said Jacques Benkoski, partner at USVP.

With this investment, AirEye will increase its workforce in its R&D center, based in Tel Aviv, launch its operations in the United States and develop new marketing and sales initiatives to accelerate its global growth.

About AirEye

AirEye Network Airspace Protection (NAP) is the only solution that offers complete protection against any form of air attack launched against the organization’s network. Digital Airborne Attacks exploit wireless communications (including Wifi, cellular, 5G, and Bluetooth) in corporate airspace to gain unauthorized network access, hijack the network, or leak data through Antenna for HireMT. The platform monitors all wireless communications in real time, detects violations of company security policies and automatically blocks attacks. The AirEye solution is a SaaS platform that seamlessly complements the existing corporate network security infrastructure, without the need for complicated architectural changes or integrations. The platform is deployed in various industries including finance, banking, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and aerospace. The company was founded by veterans of the security and wireless industries, Chlomo Touboul, Ohad Plotnik, Amichai Shulman and King Keren, who combined their knowledge to combat these new attack vectors.

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