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Chord Company revives English Electric and initiates network change

The Chord Company relaunched a major UK brand to showcase their audio electronics business, English Electric, and demonstrated their first product – a hi-fi grade network switch.

English Electric announced the device at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show claiming that the English Electric Switch 8 can act as a filter for streaming audio to suppress unwanted noise than conventional switches and routers made by the computer industry. never take into account.

As the name suggests, the Switch is an 8-port gigabit device that will likely cost between £ 400 and £ 500 when it arrives later this year. Chord Company CEO Alan Gibb said:

“Most streaming equipment comes from the computer industry without the same care and attention as hi-fi kits. In computing, it’s all about getting your packages from one place to another and if you can get your email or your word file, then you’re fine. “

The 8switch will come with its own unique power supply and will offer better separation with the idea of ​​”improving the meanest sounding tracks”.

Chord Company revives English Electric and initiates network change

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English Electric was founded in 1918 during the Armistice of World War I by amalgamating five companies that had been used in the war effort to manufacture munitions, weaponry, and aircraft. It disappeared in 1968 after some notable successes, notably the English Electric trains and the English Electric Lightning supersonic jet.

More than just the rebirth of a good name, however, its significance to the Chord Company is to be able to step into the audio electronics space without stepping on the toes of the other Chord, Chord Electronics. The two British brands have a great relationship, according to Gibb, and that’s as much to avoid confusion as anything else.

Expect to hear English Electric later in the year.


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