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Cisco Network Security Engineer at Private

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking, delivering products and solutions that have transformed the way people connect, communicate and collaborate. Our vision is to create the best customer experience – every time. We are engineers passionate about creating cutting-edge technologies for our customers. Our mission: to provide advanced technologies that enable our customers to do more critical work with less effort through services that help them grow their business faster than ever!

Responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining security policies that will protect the network infrastructure

  • Provides solutions to network security issues such as unauthorized users, malware, malicious bots, hackers, attackers, malicious servers, etc.
  • Is responsible for protecting Cisco products and hardware by implementing VSA policy, identifying threats, configuring intrusion prevention system, IPS, DDoS attack protection, VPN, network

Load balancing, ASA, WAF,

  • Use firewall, network security devices and applications to manage threats and threats from the internet
  • Troubleshoot threats, including threats from malware or viruses.
  • Develop and maintain a secure network infrastructure.
  • Design and implement effective data security policies, systems and technologies.
  • Participate in data security related projects, with a focus on enterprise security.
  • Identify and interpret network policies and standards.
  • Understand how to effectively use application access control lists and auditing tools.
  • Configure and use Cisco IOS, NetFlow, and other network monitoring tools.
  • At least two years of professional experience in the field of network security and/or systems administration, including computer networks, packet switching, internetworking and data communications.
  • Minimum of 3 years of hands-on experience with networking and security technologies such as Cisco IOS, Cisco ASA, Juniper Networks, etc.
  • Experience administering and troubleshooting network devices an asset.

Desired skills:

  • Cisco IOS
  • Cisco ASA
  • Juniper Networks
  • Network Device Administration
  • Repair

Desired work experience:

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