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DoD Bolsters Network Security with C2C Initiative – MeriTalk

The Department of Defense Information Networks (DoDIN) is working to implement a Comply-to-Connect (C2C) initiative that will strengthen cybersecurity across the DoD with future guidance from the DoD CIO addressing components initiative.

Speaking at the New Era in DoDIN Security virtual event, Deputy Director of Cybersecurity Architecture and Capability Oversight and Team Lead for Enterprise Cybersecurity Capabilities at DoD Carmen Santos-Logan said describes C2C as “an overarching cybersecurity framework of tools and technologies that are fused together by the concept of security product orchestration to provide a unified cybersecurity platform for the department’s network.

C2C, Santos-Logan further describes, is part of zero trust efforts and is a five-year cybersecurity program that is mandated by Congress through the National Defense Authorization Act of the United States. fiscal year 2017 and is funded through fiscal year 2024. The Defense Information Security Agency receives the funds to provide aspects of C2C as a business.

“Funding is…provided by the business within each of the components and each component will be responsible for considering how it would provide Comply-to-Connect within its own networked environment,” explained Santos Logan. “And I believe – for Comply-to-Connect planning – understanding what their switch structure looks like, because what we’re trying to do is make sure that from a compatibility and interoperability, we made the right investments.”

During the event, she added that next week the DoD CIO will hopefully sign a memorandum to indicate where 802.1x could begin to be applied based on the C2C framework to ensure that devices not traditional are in the right place on the network and are up to par. the last possible manufacturing configuration state.

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