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Electro Standards Laboratories complex copper network switch independently controls four dual channels using manual rotary knobs and supports PoE

Cranston, RI, July 13, 2022 –(– Electro Standards Laboratories research and development team recently launched a new multi-channel online/offline network switch with RJ45, Cat6 and PoE compliance. This item, Model 9280, is the newest addition to the LineSelect® product line of locally operated copper network switches. The unit was designed by the talented team of mechanical and electrical engineers working closely with the R&D department to offer this complex switcher for both independent channel control and simultaneous switching of two devices per channel. This product is applicable to fast and reliable switching of any RJ45 interface, commonly used for video camera on/off switch control.

The M9280 is a slim, 1U rackmount, four channel RJ45 Cat6 inline/offline black box switch. There are four channels, with each channel containing two female RJ45 ports to be used for simultaneous online/offline switching on that channel. Each dual channel consists of two ports (A) and two ports (COMMON), for a total of sixteen female RJ45 connectors on the unit. This switch is local control only, offering passive manual rotary-knob switching for each individual channel. COM devices are either connected to port A devices in online mode or disconnected from port A devices in offline mode. Absolutely no data passes through when the switch is in the offline position.

The LineSelect product line is dedicated to copper network switches with manual switching only, which means that no power supply is required for this switch. The M9280 is tested and supports PoE switch control of multiple networks. This unit uses break-before-close rotary switches, providing only two positions, online and offline, for each channel. This allows individual control of the on and off positions of multiple devices in separate areas. Despite this unit’s complex switching capability, the M9280 is enclosed in a slim, 1U, full-rack-size, all-black metal chassis designed to provide EMI/RFI shielding and fit in a standard 19-inch rack.

This secure dual-channel online/offline switch can be used to control video applications, private switching for conference rooms, conference video calls, recordings, and more. The unit is designed to support multiple video cameras in multiple rooms using PoE.

LineSelect® 9280 specifications, pricing and specifications are available on the ESL website under product listings. All questions and requests regarding this product or something similar can be directed to the ESL web contact form. Custom length cable assemblies are available and can be used with this model for network installations and applications. As a manufacturer for over 45 years in the United States, Electro Standards Laboratories is proud to offer custom products to best meet your needs. If you would like to work with one of their team members to create a custom quote for a custom product, please contact ES Labs via email or call 401-943-1164. It is important to note that all ES Labs products are available for export. Government agencies should contact Electro Standards for GSA pricing on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) network switches.

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