Network security

Ericsson Global Network Security Standards

NESAS is defined jointly by 3GPP and the GSMA and provides an industry-wide security assurance framework. This facilitates improved security levels through 20 defined security requirements for network product development and lifecycle processes.

Security has always been crucial for 3GPP standards and telecommunications networks in general. Both through security functionality, having secured 3GPP-defined mobile services for decades and with billions of users, but also through instruments such as security assurance and security NESAS/SECAM.

In addition, the introduction of 5G and its new use cases, along with the growing recognition of telecommunications networks as critical infrastructure, have also placed network security at the top of the agenda of governments, regulators, communications service providers and businesses of all sizes.

Per Narvinger, Head of Product Area Networks, Ericsson, said: “Our security assurance framework is an important part of how we do business responsibly, and we are pleased to report that we are fully compliant with new global network security standards NESAS. 5G is a critical national infrastructure that offers extraordinary opportunities for innovation and security is vital for the deployment of 5G across the world. We will continue to work tirelessly to promote open, global and interoperable security standards. »

Ericsson’s NESAS compliance processes have been fully audited by an independent GSMA-certified auditor.

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