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Fortinet, NEC and CETIN join forces on large-scale network security project

Fortinet, NEC and CETIN have teamed up to develop a major network security project.

Based on solutions from Fortinet and Cellusys, NEC will provide end-to-end services ranging from installation and commissioning to modernization of the CETIN Group network.

CETIN Group’s extensive 24/7 supervised networks provide voice, data, television, video, IT and cybersecurity services to wholesale customers in the region and internationally.

NEC, an IT and network integration specialist, has a rich history, comprehensive expertise and a proven footprint in the networking industry around the world.

Leveraging Fortinet, a specialist in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, and Cellusys, and signaling security solutions, NEC was selected as the system integrator to provide end-to-end services, including design , installation, commissioning, support and maintenance. various network security solutions such as:

  • Telco Cloud Core security solutions with capabilities to provide protection and zone segmentation between Cloud Core VNFs’
  • Management security solutions providing traffic management security, both within the Telco and Enterprise portions of the network. mobile customers
  • Telco Signaling and GRX security solution focusing on GTP, SS7, Diameter, SIP, RTP inspection, providing security between the core network and other carriers for interconnect solutions, such as IP-based interconnect and l Roaming exchange GPRS Enterprise network security solutions with threat prevention capabilities for corporate offices and BSS IT systems as a perimeter defense between the Internet and internal systems
  • VPN gateway solution for remote access by employees, business partners and customers

By implementing solutions as part of Fortinet Security Fabric, CETIN Group is able to secure critical devices, data, applications and connections ranging from the data center to the cloud to the home office. The platform provides extensive, integrated, and automated protections across the entire digital attack surface.

Additionally, Fortinet’s Security-Driven Networking approach provides tight integration between its network infrastructure and security architecture.

“With millions of individual users and entire sectors of the national economy depending on our communications solutions, security is a key element in the design, construction and operation of our critical infrastructure,” says Juraj Sedivy , CEO of the CETIN group.

“We are delighted to choose NEC as a premier network security solution provider to further enhance our existing network.

“Their unique capability and proven system integration case study was a deciding factor in our decision.”

Chris Jackson, President and CEO of NEC Europe, adds: “NEC is very pleased to collaborate with the CETIN Group on this large-scale network security project.

“We believe that our strong portfolio and rich history of network business in the global market will be an asset to enhance CETIN’s advanced security network,” he said.

“With our innovative technology partners, Fortinet and Cellusys, we aim to bring safe and secure network solutions to improve the current infrastructure.”

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