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Fortinet unifies zero-trust, endpoint and network security to facilitate the age of work from anywhere

Fortinet announces solution to enable organizations to secure and connect to work from anywhere. By unifying Fortinet’s broad portfolio of zero-trust, endpoint, and network security solutions within the Fortinet security framework, Fortinet provides security, services and threat intelligence that follows users, they are on the road, at home or in the office to provide enterprise level protection and productivity. These features, designed for the way business is conducted in the working age from anywhere, are available now.

Rajesh Maurya, Regional Vice President, India and SAARC at Fortinet: “Allowing users to move seamlessly between different work environments has critical implications for maintaining user productivity as well as security. Cybercriminals were quick to exploit the extensive attack surface and security holes created by this shift in work patterns to gain a foothold in the corporate network. Businesses today need work security from anywhere that is as flexible and dynamic as today’s business demands. Fortinet is the only vendor capable of delivering unified security designed for the work age from anywhere that seamlessly adapts to a user’s environment and risk profile.

It is clear that remote and hybrid working is now the status quo and cybercriminals will continue to take advantage of this expanded attack surface. To address the changing workforce and threat landscape, organizations must now take a ‘from anywhere’ approach to their security by deploying solutions capable of tracking, activating and protect users, wherever they are.

As users move between travel, office, and home, they access applications from the cloud, data center, or SaaS. Due to this continuous flow, it is imperative that zero trust, endpoints, and network security are all unified by a common set of APIs and integration points to ensure that users can seamlessly move through. from one location to another, enjoying a consistent and properly protected user experience. with contextual security.

FortiGuard Labs is Fortinet’s elite cybersecurity threat intelligence and research organization dedicated to the development and use of cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to Provide customers with fast, consistently best-in-class protection and actionable threat intelligence. FortiGuard Labs continuously monitors the global attack surface using millions of network sensors and hundreds of intelligence sharing partners to ensure Fortinet security products are armed with the best available threat identification and protection. , according to a company statement.

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