Network security

IoT Devices – The New Source of OT Network Security Gaps

Let’s look at some of the challenges that security teams face:

Challenge #1: Limited Visibility into IoT Assets and Behaviors

Most network monitoring and security controls used in OT environments were not designed to monitor IoT protocols or the behavior of IoT devices, so they only provide limited visibility into IoT assets on the network. network.

A similar problem occurs when using security controls designed for IoT networks to monitor OT environments. These tools often lack an understanding of OT protocols or device behavior, which prevents them from detecting anomalous or malicious behavior.

Challenge #2: IoT devices have limited security capabilities

IoT devices typically present their own set of security challenges, including the use of weak default passwords, vulnerable firmware, and very little information about their software supply chain.

A 2020 survey conducted by Syniverse/Omdia3 found that the top three IoT security issues were:

  • Malware/Ransomware Protection
  • Protection against data theft/financial loss
  • Prevention of accidental leaks of confidential data/intellectual property

Challenge #3: Large-scale monitoring and analysis is more difficult to achieve

As IoT assets are deployed at scale, your security team may find it nearly impossible to monitor data from thousands of new devices and analyze it for abnormal or malicious behavior. This problem will only increase with the adoption of 5G technology.

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