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Johnson Controls Updates ES Net Life Safety Network

Johnson Controls has updated its ES Net Life Safety network to streamline building emergency fire and audio communications.

MILWAUKEEJohnson Controls, a manufacturer of smart building systems, has increased the capabilities of its ES Net Life Safety network.

The company says its updates simplify the distribution of emergency firefighter audio and phone communications across buildings and campuses.

Johnson Controls indicates that the IP network allows emergency alerts to be sent digitally within the building, including alarms and voice evacuation messages for building occupants, as well as firefighter-to-firefighter telephone communications to the inside the building via the Life Safety data network.

“The updated ES Net Life Safety Network is ideal for facility owners and operators looking for a faster, more flexible platform that meets the latest industry codes and improves the efficiency of emergency response,” comments Tony Gryscavage, PE, director, product management, Johnson Controls.

“This improvement makes buildings safer and smarter by helping occupants evacuate faster. With this unified way of delivering voice prompts and specific alarm tones, building operators can be sure they are prepared for any type of emergency.

Johnson Controls’ recently enhanced ES Net Life Safety Network solution is also capable of handling codes such as Life Safety 101 and NFPPA 72, which the company says will begin to appear as voice evacuation messages become more prominent.

According to the Midwest-based manufacturer, a single, shared path for internal messaging and firefighter communications streamlines wiring processes and can “significantly reduce” hardware and maintenance costs.

Johnson Controls adds that the ES Net Life Safety Network also provides advanced monitoring and diagnostics to reduce the time needed to troubleshoot systems.

Additionally, the company points out, the system updates complement its other fire detection products.

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