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LLamasoft Launches Transportation Network Design and Analysis Software – CBS Detroit

ANN ARBOR – LLamasoft Inc., a provider of supply chain network design software, announced the launch of Transportation Guru, a new application that enables the design and analysis of global transportation networks.

Llamasoft claims that Transportation Guru is the first app to integrate sophisticated vehicle routing and mode selection functionality with network optimization and business simulation.

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Transportation Guru enables logistics professionals to:
• Model and optimize their existing transportation network to identify a more efficient mode selection or design the optimal multi-stop routes for inbound, outbound or recurring shipments.
• Evaluate entirely new network structures, including locating new blank sites, to optimize the number and location of distribution sites or realign the distribution center to customer and store assignments.
• Simulate the costs and service levels of new transportation strategies or perform a what-if analysis on proposed changes to the transportation strategy.

“Our goal is to provide a design tool that solves complex routing and global transportation network problems and enables users to question their transportation strategies,” said Sara Curtis, Director of Transportation Products at LLamasoft. “By listening to the challenges of our global customer base and testing Transportation Guru over many months on real customer projects, we were able to create a truly unique solution for logistics professionals and something that we are very proud to launch under the LLamasoft brand. “

Already used by many global LLamasoft customers, Transportation Guru helps users view and analyze optimized results through detailed route maps, reports and graphs. When implemented, supply chain design models built using Transportation Guru can save companies millions of dollars.

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Early users of Transportation Guru include the Dr Pepper Snapple Group and CHEP.

“CHEP serves the world’s largest supply chains, which means small adjustments in the design of our delivery model have a significant impact on our costs,” said Dan Dershem, senior vice president of global logistics at CHEP. “LLamasoft’s Transportation Guru helped us rethink inbound transportation from suppliers to our distribution centers by simulating scenarios that determined new profitable routes. “

Josh Buchanan, Manager of Packaged Beverage Network Optimization for Retail Operations at Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, added Josh Buchanan: “LLamasoft’s integration of multi-stop transportation route design into one application end-to-end supply chain design is unique. By integrating last mile delivery into our strategic plan, we can identify new savings opportunities. “

Transportation Guru adds value in all facets of the supply-demand relationship. Shippers and retailers can identify the ideal mode and flow path for each product or business unit, while predictive analytics determine optimal product flow paths, timing, and required capacity. Operators and 3PLs can improve asset utilization, collaborative travel, and market-specific networks for increased operational efficiency.

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