Network security

Make the leap to hyperscale network security alongside IoT

A Recent Omdia IoT jobs report reveals that enterprise adoption of IoT has matured and brought serious benefits to key industries, although IT-OT security and integration remain key blockers. The deployment follows alongside the wider adoption of cloud computing.

As businesses accelerate their digital transformation, and with it, the move to the cloud of many of its core technologies, it quickly becomes imperative for organizations to revisit their security strategy, otherwise they become the next victim of the increase. of observed cybercrime activity that started in 2020 and continues today.

Traditional firewall solutions have proven difficult and cumbersome to dynamically scale to meet unpredictable traffic patterns, as evidenced by Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, new product launches, breaking news or any other sudden increase in demand for firewall processing capabilities.

This white paper from Check Point Software Technologies, Make the leap to hyperscale network security, provides a detailed and practical overview of the technical and operational challenges that companies seeking to harness growth at scale must overcome.

Click on the link and download this Check Point white paper to find out that Check Point Maestro meets current and future network security requirements in the cloud.

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