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Network design and optimization software in Europe and Latin America

Operational excellence and reduced network complexity

In a world increasingly connected to 5G, we need to rethink improving network performance and delivering the best customer experience. While operators are leveraging network performance to stay ahead of the competition, even though they launched 5G early, they are still under great pressure to reduce operating expenses (OPEX) and deliver service. exceptional 5G experience. All of this is made even more difficult by the increasing complexity of 5G networks as new 5G use cases emerge and video traffic and mobile games continue to grow. As a result, it places great importance on technology to keep up with the demand while providing the best network at the lowest cost.

To move forward, communication service providers (CSPs) today need to deliver better network performance to their customers than ever before.

Meeting the Challenge with Network Design and Operation Software

After demonstrating the full range of NDO software capabilities to our partners in ongoing trials to understand and assess the benefits of different aspects of optimization software, it became clear that we had a solution that could fundamentally change the principles of mobile network design and optimization.

By using machine learning and deep learning algorithms, we can gain unprecedented insights into network performance and customer experience, thus improving network quality and spectrum efficiency. A good example is when we launched machine learning network design for Japan’s leading mobile operator, SoftBank.

The benefits are vast and we have identified key areas where operators can maximize the potential of their network.

  • Income protection: where NDO software has helped improve customer complaint handling capacity by 60%.
  • Performance improvement: we were able to offer 40% reduction of poor quality cells.
  • Reduction of OPEX: where we have demonstrated up to 60% efficiency related to planning and optimization activities
  • Environmental impact: where CO2 emissions have shown a reduction of 80% thanks to the elimination of road test activities.
  • Capacity planning: we showed 40% less operator expansions compared to a traditional approach, which had a huge impact on capital expenditure savings (CAPEX).

AI and cognitive optimization

Our leading NDO software is also used to help us push the boundaries of innovation and demonstrate its benefits. Our offering includes AI-based optimization solutions that have been used to aid in network planning and performance, especially when it comes to solving complex problems. For example, we worked with KDDI on a series of tests in dense urban areas in Japan and improved network throughput by almost 10% using our AI-based solution.

Through cognitive optimization, we drive transformation and harness the power of data with our expertise, which allows us to make new propositions using our cutting-edge technology. Each year, we take the necessary steps to develop solutions. They understand:

  • Data mining (making sense of data)
  • Detection and understanding of anomalies
  • Classification of these anomalies
  • Discover the root cause through analysis
  • Recommend beneficial changes and actions

This process allows us to close the loop by implementing the recommendations, and it gives us an edge by creating future-proof thinking. It will also be the path and logic behind how we can integrate very different 5G use cases and monitor performance simultaneously. As it stands, our analyzes show that higher network performance can translate to a 15% increase in average revenue per user (ARPU) for leaders.

Ericsson leadership and expertise in network design and optimization software in Europe and Latin America

Across Europe and Latin America, we exercise strong leadership in NDO drawing on the wide range of expertise available to us in our network, including NDO IA / Machine Learning data scientists and design and design experts. network optimization. We are achieving key technological milestones in our deployment of 5G networks with world-class telecom partners. An example

The point is, the more we work with our clients in this area, the more we are constantly told that our optimization software is far more advanced than any other. Our partners validated the potential business impact on operators’ operational excellence and revenue protection. This is also supported by our NDO Global Capabilities service area, which represents 10 AI patents, seven AI and software development labs, 250 software R&D experts, and 4.2 million algorithm-optimized cells. of AI.

Operators must transform and change the way they work from responsiveness to forecasting, using the power of data. Optimization evolves and becomes a constant process alongside the continuous changes that occur in the network. For a successful transformation, operators need a strong partner who has already demonstrated the ability to drive change and deliver results. We firmly believe that this partner is Ericsson.

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