Network security

Network security concerns worry students in Hazelwood School District

HAZELWOOD, Mo – The Hazelwood School District has identified and confirmed a computer network security issue that impacted key systems across the district.

The district suspected foul play as early as Monday and an announcement was emailed to students and parents on Wednesday.

The statement says, in part, “As soon as we started to see unusual activity, our technology department shut down all network systems, resulting in a disruption of services.”

Key systems, including the district’s Wi-Fi, the HSD Community Health Dashboard, transportation, IFAS, Google, and student information, were affected by the disruption.

The district said they were working to secure the network. They predict that the grid outage could continue at least until Thursday morning.

Law enforcement has been notified and HSD is working with a third-party specialist in an ongoing investigation into the case.

“We have taken steps to secure the network and are working diligently to restore our systems in the most secure manner possible. In addition, we have informed the police and we are working with third-party specialists in the ongoing investigation, ”according to the district.

“We expect the grid outage to continue until at least Thursday morning. Key systems including SIS, Transportation, IFAS, District Wi-Fi, Google, and the HSD Community Health Dashboard are affected by the outage. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the situation. We will provide updates on our progress in the future.

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