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network security: telcos weigh in on network security as digital shift accelerates

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and convergence, particularly in the telecommunications sector, but it has also brought network security and reliability to the forefront like never before, top industry executives said.

“Digital transformation and convergence, if I can use that word convergence, is inevitable…convergence brings a lot of good transformations,” said Manish Tiwari, Chief Information Security Officer, Bharti Airtel, during a panel discussion on the deployment of trustworthy networks in ET. Telecom India Mobile Conclave — 2021. However, with convergence comes aspects of existing cyber threats, which exist in the real IP world and are now penetrating the world of telecommunications, including traditional non-IP based sectors which are now converging , did he declare. For example, there’s a manufacturing unit, which was very linear and very non-computing and traditional. They are now embracing robotic process automation and improving productivity. “But it is now susceptible to the same cyber threats.” He added that in addition to retail use cases, 5G will also find use in autonomous vehicles, remote healthcare and drones and will “require very low latency with high security.” .

Mathan Babu Kasilingam, CISO of Vodafone Idea, said that in the digital ecosystem, India still has a long way to go to establish trust in the “digital personality” of individuals. “In India, it’s still relatively expensive to build, especially in telecom spaces…to test this type of equipment. So the ability for us to test is still a long way to go for us.”

Although there are established labs in the country, not many of them can test some of this equipment, but we are still far from up to par from a national point of view, both in terms of capacity manufacturing and testing,” he said.

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