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Patented network design signals progress of Holo cryptocurrency framework

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Ready to add a potential game changer to your crypto collection? If this is the case, then I invite you to inquire about the Holo (CCC:HOT-USD) cryptocurrency token as some people are bracing for significantly higher prices in Holo.

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This cryptocurrency works on Holochain, who is an open source framework on which users can build fully distributed peer-to-peer applications.

Remember: it’s not blockchain, it’s Holochain. Here, transactions are recorded on individual user nodes, not on a public ledger.

It is a unique concept with distinct advantages for the users. But will that result in higher Holo token prices? That’s the billion dollar question, so let’s dive into a quick look at HOT Price History.

A closer look at the Holo Prize

If you’re trying to find a digital asset that is cheap enough for virtually anyone’s wallet, you’ve definitely come to the right place. This is because it is measured in cents rather than dollars – although that may change someday.

On the morning of April 5, Holo was trading at around 3 cents. This may not sound too impressive, but we need to put the current price in context.

You see, the HOT token cost less than a tenth of a dime at the start of 2021. However, the bulls quickly increased the price in March, sending it to 1 cent on March 27.

The Holo price then hit 2 cents on April 3, followed by 3 cents on April 5. It is important to note that all of this price action has been accompanied by increase daily transaction volumes.

So as you can see this little racer has a lot of momentum and there could be a lot more gas in the tank.

Soon we will take note of ambitious price targets. Nevertheless, be careful with the size of your positions, as cryptocurrencies are known to be volatile assets.

Patent granted

If the developers and users of Holochain are successful, the blockchain could in fact become obsolete technology one day.

What I love about Holochain is that the developers encourage ordinary people to create their own innovative distributed applications On the platform.

While blockchain emphasizes its decentralized framework, Holochain goes the extra mile by enabling a distributed web and facilitating greater user autonomy.

So, “With digital integration under user control, Holochain frees our online lives from corporate control over our choices and information. It’s not just a distributed network, it’s indeed a revolution.

And while the Holochain project is open-source, the owner of Holo known as Holochain Foundation made a wise move obtain a US patent on Holochain’s peer-to-peer network design.

This is still a new development since the patent has just been granted at the end of March. As the company explains, the patent covers the Holochain framework which “describes a system of nodes communicating according to a relaxed, agent-centric distributed hash table.”

From cents to dollars

What the Holochain network now has is an enforceable means of protecting “the rights of end users to have sovereignty over their data,” according to Lawyer Van Lindberg.

Will all of this result in higher prices for the HOT token? There is no guarantee, but some lunar forecast are currently floating.

For example, on April 5, digitalcoinUSD predicted that Holo would go back to around 14 cents.

During this time, Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) user @ Juliustune55 seem to be more aggressive in their predictions.

The people say hot $ at $ 1 this year. I feel more like $ 5-10 Call me crazy 🤑✈️

– Jules (@ Juliustune55) April 2, 2021

In the same way, @ Yaman1636 getting ready to count his assets in dollars rather than cents.

hot $ at 0.03 cent was impossible a few weeks ago now look at us $ 1 + it’s fate and even further📈📈

– Hziyech (@ Yaman1636) April 4, 2021

The bottom line

In the end, the price projections aren’t the most important thing. It’s your own due diligence that matters, especially when it comes to volatile assets.

The Holo token is changing rapidly, there is no doubt about it. Some say it will stay on its upward trajectory.

Really, the future of this digital asset depends on the technology on which it is based. I have to admit, it will be exciting to see how far the envelope is pushed.

And it wouldn’t surprise me too much if those high price targets were ever met.

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