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Pica8 PicOS upgrade improves network security

Pica8 has upgraded its Linux-based network operating system, PicOS, to include new features to improve network efficiency and security.

With this version, Pica8 PicOS interacts with the network access control (NAC), enabling fully automated network access policy enforcement in an open network deployment. According to Pica8, automation improves operational efficiency with a simplified user interface and improved security posture.

According to Forrest46% of IT employees use personal laptops and mobile devices for work, creating an increasingly complex device landscape that must be managed with BYOD programs and increased network security.

The age of BYOD and IoT deployments is creating security challenges for corporate networks, according to Pica8; As enterprises automate, simplify, and modernize access networks, most customers have NAC systems. Support for PicOS NAC integration and centralized policy-based access control for network access points address these challenges, according to the vendor.

Building on its October 2018 support for the Dell EMC N3132PX-ON 2.5G/5G Mutigig PoE Switch, Pica8 has added PicOS availability for ISE and ClearPass, supporting the Open Network Install Environment standard that enables PicOS to deploy across platforms. Additionally, PicOS is automatically included with the Packetfence 9.0 release.

Open Pica8 PicOS network operating system is offered in an enterprise edition as well as an SDN edition. PicOS Enterprise Edition installs on 1G to 100G open switches and offers the most comprehensive support, including Debian Linux distribution, Nymble, and Pica8’s CrossFlow capability. PicOS SDN Edition includes Debian Linux distribution and Nymble, and uses OpenFlow 1.5 user-defined fields for packet inspection.

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