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QNAP Introduces 2.5GbE Network Switch

The QSW-1105-5T features five 2.5GbE ports, plug-and-play configuration, automatic loop detection and blocking, and auto-negotiation functions, the QSW-1105 -5T allows users to easily create a 2.5GbE network environment for their home or business.

“For those looking to upgrade their network environment, the QSW-1105-5T 2.5 GbE strikes a balance between performance and cost. Users can instantly upgrade their network environment to 2.5 GbE using cables existing network, allowing them to take advantage of new generation NAS and 2.5GbE computers, ”said Frank Liao, QNAP product manager.

The QSW-1105-5T has five 2.5GbE / NBASE-T RJ45 ports that support 2.5G / 1G / 100M transfer speeds. With no complex parameters required, the QSW-1105-5T supports autonegotiation which optimizes transfer speeds and performance for each connected device, while its built-in management mechanism ensures smooth transmission of network packets. It also has network loop detection which can automatically lock loop ports to ensure that the network environment quickly resumes normal operation.

The QSW-1105-5T features a fanless design for near-silent operation and is expected to sell for around EUR 125.

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