Network security

RevBits Zero Trust Network strengthens network security and protects digital assets

Protects and sustains business access by extending perimeter security to all endpoints

RevBits PAM and ZTN include unified visibility and analytics

MINEOLA, NY, October 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – RevBits, a software provider for comprehensive 360-degree cyber defense, today announced the availability of RevBits Zero Trust Network (ZTN). RevBits ZTN is a thin client application providing authenticated access to remote users and devices to applications, services and data, with full network security.

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Remote workforce and third-party access increase the security risk to the business. By moving protection from the network to endpoints, RevBits ZTN isolates and protects internal assets, without implementing complicated network segmentation. Supporting an untrustworthy security posture by default, RevBits ZTN provides security of data in transit through encryption, secure access to applications and services, and network security through user and device authentication.

“As the threat levels of businesses increase, it is critical to rethink cybersecurity and perimeter control,” said David schiffer, CEO of RevBits. “It is no longer a question of ensuring the encryption of remote user data via a VPN in addition to network security; organizations must adopt a posture of non-trust by default.

Building on its technological innovation in the access management market, through the award-winning RevBits Privileged Access Management (PAM), RevBits ZTN extends access management and control to the individual user level, with visibility and unified analytics, from a single vendor.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) have been the primary security tool for remote access. However, VPN protection stops at the perimeter of the network, leaving the internal network vulnerable. VPN provides a level of protection by encrypting data in transit and a layer of obfuscation. However, it does not authenticate users or their devices, leaving the network open to attackers if VPN credentials are stolen.

RevBits ZTN provides data security with encryption and granular access control to digital assets, authenticating all users and devices. “Based on our unique architecture and patent pending technologies, RevBits ZTN offers best-in-class protection,” said Mucteba Celik, CTO at RevBits. “By combining the principles of our PAM solution, RevBits ZTN offers data encryption, full obfuscation, granular user and machine access control, and surveillance to protect digital infrastructure.

Highlights of the RevBits ZTN feature

  • Proxy servers located in 24 cloud regions around the world for fast and secure connections and automatic scaling.
  • Several options for user authentication including fingerprint, facial recognition, YubiKey, SAML, MFA and others.
  • Control all aspects of a session remotely, including session monitoring, review, recording, and deletion with one click.

About RevBits

RevBits delivers new levels of security IQ through context-rich behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. RevBits Cyber ​​Intelligence Platform (CIP) is a unified security platform that integrates a leading suite of detection and response, privileged access management, email security, deception technology and network solutions Zero Trust. RevBits strengthen security operations with comprehensive cyber defense; intelligently encrypt, authenticate, authorize and analyze context-rich and layered security data across the entire security stack. The RevBits dashboard unifies cross-functional security by presenting an intuitive 360-degree view. Taking cybersecurity to the next level, RevBits innovates new capabilities, with several patented technologies to give businesses a security advantage. For more information visit RevBits.

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