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Samsung Advances Network Security Leadership with First Common Criteria Certification for 5G Solutions in North America

Samsung’s 5G base stations are the first 5G products to receive Common Criteria certification in the United States and Canada.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that its 5G RAN solutions have received Common Criteria (CC) certification1 against the Network Device Collaboration Protection Profile (NDcPP), an internationally recognized IT security standard. The company’s certified base stations are the first 5G products to be listed in the U.S. National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP).2 Compliant Product List (PCL) and Canadian Center for Cyber ​​Security List of Certified Products.

Samsung’s 5G base stations, including its base band unit and Compact macro, have received CC certification against NDcPP, reaffirming their network security features and capabilities. This certification validates Samsung’s commitment to building a secure network, while ensuring the performance and reliability of its products.

“This Common Criteria certification is an important step that strengthens our leadership in network security. We are delighted that our baseband unit and Compact Macro have been certified, meeting the highest international safety standards ”, Said Sohyong Chong, Senior Vice President and Head of S / W R&D, Networks at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung will continue to provide reliable and secure solutions to help protect carrier 5G networks. “

Samsung Certified 5G Base Stations

The first product to be certified is Samsung’s next-generation baseband unit, the CDU50, which offers high capacity and deployment flexibility, and can support 4G and 5G networks in one unit. Samsung’s new 5G (NR) radio is also certified Compact macro, which brings together a baseband, radio and antenna in one compact package, making it the industry’s first integrated radio for the mmWave spectrum. Samsung’s Compact Macro is currently deployed in 5G commercial networks around the world, including Japan, Korea and the United States.

Network security is one of the main aspects of network management and operations. With 5G providing ubiquitous connectivity between devices, people and services, the security of 5G networks is of paramount importance. While carriers and businesses often rely on certified products to protect their networks from potential threats, this global recognition will help them rest assured of the security of Samsung’s 5G solutions.

Samsung Networks has pioneered the successful delivery of end-to-end 5G solutions, including chipsets, radios, and core network technologies. The company supports 5G commercial services in major global markets including Korea, the United States, and Japan. In addition, the company is rapidly expanding its global presence to new markets, including Canada and New Zealand.

[1] CC certification was awarded by the Canadian Center for Cyber ​​Security, a unit of the Communications Security Establishment (CST), with testing and validation performed by Lightship Security, a computer security testing lab.
[2] CC certification is recognized as a certified product by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) and is listed on its Product Compliance List (PCL).

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