Network security

Sophos dives into network security with the Switch series

Sophos unveiled the Sophos switch series, comprising a range of network access layer switches for connecting, powering and controlling access to devices within a local area network (LAN). New offering adds another component to Sophos secure access walletwhich also includes Sophos Firewall and Sophos Wireless.

“Sophos Switch integrates perfectly with the Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem to extend connectivity across office LANs,” said Joe Levy, CTO, Sophos. “We remove the complexity of multi-vendor deployments by giving organizations and channel partners a single source for management, monitoring and troubleshooting. »

Switches are managed remotely in the cloud Sophos Center Platform. This allows partners to oversee all customer installations, respond to alerts, and track upcoming licenses and renewal dates through a single, intuitive interface.

Patrizio Perret, Chief Technology Officer at Avanet, says: “Sophos Switch perfectly complements the existing Sophos portfolio – it was the missing piece in our IT security offering and now gives our business even more clout. We already had great success with Sophos Firewall, and with Sophos Switch we are now able to unleash the full power of Sophos products and services. Our experience with the early access program proved that Sophos Switch is a game-changer for us, and we were very positively surprised at how well the product performed from day one. While a switch is pretty much a commodity these days, Sophos adds the necessary pizzazz to hardware with software capabilities. Sophos’s adaptive cybersecurity ecosystem is the magic ingredient that will make Sophos Switch something truly special by allowing enterprises to integrate it with other Sophos security components in their network.


The eight-, 24-, and 48-port switches are available for immediate purchase exclusively through Sophos’ global network of partners and managed service providers (MSPs). They are ideal for small and medium businesses, remote and home offices, retailers and branch offices.

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