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Start of shutdown of TIM’s copper network in Trento

Telecom Italia (TIM) announced last week that the process of disconnecting its copper network in Italy will begin in Trento.

The Mattarello exchange, which serves a large area in the south of the city, is the first exchange in the country fully wired with FTTH technology and, therefore, all customers served by the exchange will be able to migrate to the new network with the ‘switch ‘Therefore -off’ of the copper network. This operation will see the exchange directly serve homes and offices with ultra-fast connections (up to 1 Gb).

Now that the installation of FTTH at the central office – which serves approximately 2,000 telephone lines in District 8 of the city – is complete, TIM intends to promote the transition to ultra-high speed services for all customers served by this infrastructure, including those of the other operators. The migration process will take place gradually based on customer registrations. The agreement aims to inform citizens and promote within the community the benefits arising from the adoption of new technologies, which significantly increase the quality of service.

The Municipality of Trento also considers that the initiative is appropriate to further promote the Smart City, a project in which the city has already invested and which places it in the first places in Italy. At the same time, TIM is pursuing the fiber optic deployment plan in the Autonomous Province.

Luigi Gubitosi, CEO of TIM
We are therefore starting in Trento, an Italian town of excellence, to transfer customers to the new ultra-fast fiber network, on a voluntary basis.

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